In Bitsa Park will renovate the equestrian school

the Overhaul of the equestrian school “Bittsa” will begin in July 2020. Contractor to be selected in an electronic auction.

As stated by the head of Department of Moscow on competition policy Ivan Shcherbakov, the overhaul of the building of the sports school not seen since 1979. The company-winner will have to put in order the roof, facades, engineering systems, to furnish, install Windows and doors, repair garage, transformer station, gym and hotels.

the Initial maximum contract price will amount to 269 million roubles. All work will need to finish for the year to 26 July 2021, said Shcherbakov.

the Building of sport school “Bitza”, which is scheduled repair is located at the address: Balaklavsky prospect, 33, build 2,4, 5, 6, 32 and 33.

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