In camps in Kolyma recorded outbreak of coronavirus

In Srednekansky district of Kolyma, an outbreak of coronavirus in the shift camp, the company “Polymetal”. Currently identified seven cases, seven people have symptoms of the coronavirus, but the results of their tests are still unknown, reports RIA “Novosti”.

As stated in the regional Ministry of health, the circle of contact persons includes more than 200 people. Camp is in a remote area, reachable only by helicopter. Therefore, according to the decision of the Ministry of health, Rospotrebnadzor and regional staff monitoring from the village take out only the diseased, those who came in contact with them most closely, is isolated on the spot, and the rest of the contact prescribed chemoprophylaxis and monitor their condition.

in Total, according to the latest data, in the Magadan region identified 1243 cases of coronavirus, died 7 people. Currently, the virus continues to spread in the largest settlement of the region, the city of Magadan. Kolyma has a strict mask mode.

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