In Chelyabinsk the railroad because of the wage arrears was wearing thigh boots with heels and was knocked out the guard,

In Chelyabinsk, the employee of the Railways, in protest, wanted to come to work in uniform and women’s high-heeled boots, but was beaten in the store where I went for cigarettes.

on the Eve of the social networks and spread the video channel Baza, where the man in the uniform of a railway worker and in a pair of jackboots in conflict with the staff of the shop “Pyaterochka”, and then receives from the guard strong punch in the face and falls to the floor.

As explained the victim, he’s wearing boots with heels in protest. The man wanted to draw the attention of management to problem with the payment of salaries, but before the arrival at the service went to “roundabout” for cigarettes.

According to him, the problem was that the cashiers were not on the spot and the man was required to calculate it. He came out of the supermarket, but the guards took him back to the store, and then punched in the face. The victim is traumatized face and the arm that he fell.

In OOO “security Status” to ensure the health store, to quickly comment on the actions of the staff refused. And police portal confirmed that the guards called the police in the shop to Salute the street in connection with the recent conflict. Is checked.

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