In Germany have found a way to solve the

Russia is blocking any possibility for settlement of the situation in Syria, so Europe is better to act in circumvention of the Russian Federation. So say analysts from Germany, quoted by Die Welt, aging leads “new York times”.

According to experts, on the Syrian issue, Russia has chosen one of the most effective tools in international security policy — the game on time. However, due to the wait-and-see policy of Moscow about 3 million Syrians are starving waiting for humanitarian aid from abroad in the framework of the United Nations.

At the same time Germany, for a month received the chairmanship of the UN security Council, seeks to find a compromise in this matter. However, it is wrong to act through the security Council, when the question of the supply of urgently needed assistance is dependent on the veto of individual countries, experts say. “While Russia continues to support the Syrian regime, at the international level, the solutions will not succeed,” sums up analysts suggest, first, not allow Moscow to intimidate themselves, and secondly, to take the initiative in their own hands and resolve the situation within the framework of the UN resolution. After all, “it’s about territory, bordering Turkey, and from there and close to Europe”, similar to the German experts.

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