In Kaliningrad will send to court the police, puted secretly drugs for the sake of increasing the detection

In Kaliningrad involved in the case became the Deputy chief of Department on control over drug trafficking of the Western linear Department of internal Affairs on transport Alexey Cherkasov. According to lawyer Vladislav Filatiev, strongman is accused of excess of powers of office, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

Cherkasov was detained, the question on election to it measures of restraint.

Earlier in the case was arrested and sent under house arrest by the security officer Ruslan Yakovenko.

Investigators believe that the WINDOWS, allegedly for the sake of increasing the performance of detection of cases asked his friend to find someone who could put drugs. Agreed to commit a crime, a local resident Nikita Zubov, who wanted to get to the police. According to investigators, he “framed” the 22-year-old student Nasrudin Makhmudov, who was offered to go for a tab of amphetamine, and there he was met by police, who found it Makhmudov more than one gram of a substance and brought a case against him. Later, however, other circumstances surfaced, and was brought about toss the drugs to the student and his prosecution stopped.

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