In Kazakhstan, adults and children crowd threw stones and beaten with sticks by the pup (video)

People are so cruel with the little seal who swam in the Caspian sea under Aktau. It is reported

As the video shows from the scene, relaxing on the beach in the village of Kuryk children were thrown into the cub stones, after which the adults beat up the kid with sticks.

Then residents staged a self-session with the animal. When the pup is tired of people, they threw it back in the water.

In Kazakhstan’s Mangistau to one of the beaches came a baby seal.

Vacationers liked it so much that to celebrate, the kids pelted him with stones, and popping in a short time the adults beat the animal with sticks, made a selfie with him and thrown back into the sea

— Lentic (@the_lentach) July 8, 2020

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