In Moscow police began to detain protesters against the amendments to the Constitution

Police detained in Moscow participants of a natural procession for the cancellation of results of voting on amendments to the Constitution, reports “Rain”. It is noted that in the procession attended by about 200-300 people. It started after the rally in Pushkin square. There, recall, collected signatures under a collective claim in court with the requirement to cancel results of voting on amendments to the Constitution. The TV station said that the police stopped in the street Petrovka, where some of the protesters tried to block the movement of vehicles. Then the police began to snatch out from crowd of the people who are not on the drive part. According to TASS, detained at least five people. Add that to the collection of signatures against the amendments to the Constitution is also in St. Petersburg. Voting on amendments to the Constitution was completed on 1 July. According to official information, the new rules voted 77,92% of voters, against — of 21.27%. According to experts, it will allow President Vladimir Putin to run for the presidency two more times, until 2036. “Rosbalt” on its YouTube channel conducts a live broadcast from the event.

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