In Murmansk opened a case of fraud in the repair of city roads

In Murmansk a criminal case of fraud in the repair of the city’s roads.

As reported in the RF IC, in the spring of last year between the city Department of road management and a private company signed a number of agreements on performance of works on repair of roads in Murmansk. The total amount of contracts amounted to more than 399 million roubles from the Federal budget of the Russian Federation.

When repairing a controlling entity has identified a number of shortcomings: in particular, the thickness of asphalt pavement did not meet the stated in the project. Deficiencies by October 2019, that is required for the contract period not been overcome, and yet work included, furnished acts of acceptance of works and information about their value with false information about the order in October and may day districts of Murmansk. The contractor has listed more than 7 million 100 thousand rubles.

there Are investigations in the city Department of road management, office organization and home of a number of officials.

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