In Penza attacked the participant of the picket against the

In Penza the man attacked a participant of a picket against the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution.

according to local portal “Leftpane”, activist of youth Marina Poplevina standing with a picket at the building of school № 70, where the two polling stations. She was holding a poster with a crossed-out picture of the President of Russia and an inscription against “Abdoulaye” the date of the amendment.

the Citizen published from the polling station and protested the text of the poster picketers. He began to insult the girl and tried to attack the reporter, who was standing near. Rebuffed, the man returned to the area and soon came out of it with two policemen. In their eyes, according to the publication, he attacked opponent of the amendments, grabbed her hand and pulled out a poster. However, he continued swearing cursing and insulting everyone. The police only asked him not to swear. Arriving soon another police interviewed the participants of the incident and withdrew the torn poster.

Penza edition of the movement “Left Front” reports that the protesters are close to many areas: in the action participate activists of the Communist party, “Left Front” and of youth. Voters respond differently to opponents of the amendments: some approve, others show aggression.

the Police takes with the participants of the pickets explanation.

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