In Perm a swarm of bees blocked the entrance of a house (video)

In Perm residents of an apartment building faced with a non-trivial problem: a swarm of bees settled on the front door to the entrance.

according to “KP” that the incident occurred at one of the entrances in the residential complex “Spring” on Gatchinskaya street. A swarm of bees located on the front door to the entrance. Residents had to call for emergency assistance, because to get in and out of the house was really dangerous.

Specialists of urban services arrived at the scene, but the bees decided not to touch. For residents organized the entrance on the deck through the window.

the Beekeeper Vladimir Tregubov said that the door of the residential house could be a stopover for migratory swarm. He recalled that last year Roy sat down to peredohnut on the window sill of the fourth floor of the skyscraper “green Plaza”. He suggested that some beekeepers do not keep track of the swarm — the bee colony in the hive overheated and decided to “move”.

Now, Roy has already departed.

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