In Petersburg contracted military equipment (photo)

Motorists of Petersburg complain of traffic jams formed on the ring road. They report that the ring road for moving military equipment in the city today will be a rehearsal of the Victory Parade.

social reports share photos. Users in the comments sympathize with the drivers trapped in traffic in the heat, and warned that the evening equipment is likely to go in the opposite direction, and on the 20th of June is planned a dress rehearsal of the celebration.

“it is Time for parades drawn digital on TV show. And cheaper and without traffic jams” — note the subscribers in the comments and resent the fact how the travel technology: “There are so many bands in Kade, have blocked the right lane for the equipment, while the rest went to people spakoyno”.

Recall the solemn parade, devoted to the 75 anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, will be held June 24. In this day and rehearsal in the city centre will be limited traffic.

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