In Petersburg from-for

the traffic police across Petersburg and Leningrad region are reminded of the restrictions in the movement of personal and public transport due to the in the night of Friday of the holiday “Scarlet sails”.

About 21:30 Saturday until the end of the event (expected at about 01:00 Sunday) will be unavailable the Central section of WHSD in both directions.

Will be closed all bands of speed after the Congress with WHSD Western of Ekateringofka when driving from the South, the exit to the promenade is possible.

19:00 until approximately 02:00 on Sunday will not be able to drive along the river Makarova, on seaside Avenue from the Yacht street to street Savushkina and the seaside prospectus.

On Krestovsky island is almost blocked all the streets Saturday morning, including the embankment Martynov, Ryukhin street, North and South of the road, and Central Avenue and the three alleys, the Tennis, Cycling and Football. It is impossible to pass and the Petrovskaya spit.

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