In Poland have arrested a Russian

In Poland, arrested the Russian criminal authority Oleg Pirogov, nicknamed “the Circus”. As said the official representative of the district Prosecutor’s office gdańsk grażyna of Vavrinyuk RIA “Novosti”, the decision on his extradition will be taken by the court. The interviewee of the Agency said that the Pies were arrested on 18 July 2020, on the territory of Sopot (Near Gdansk). The detention occurred in connection with the Bolo Pirogov authorities of the Russian Federation. The man was questioned at the regional Prosecutor’s office in Gdansk and then at the request of the Prosecutor, the court temporarily arrested him. Vavrinyuk added that now the Prosecutor’s office is awaiting transfer by the authorities of the Russian Federation a formal request for extradition Pirogov. Earlier, the GSU SKR across Moscow region have completed the investigation on two episodes of the activities of a criminal gang, which ran the “thief in the law” Oleg Pies. As told a source of “Rosbalt”, from a large-scale investigation into the activities of groups of Circus in a separate proceeding the selected materials in two episodes. One concerns the kidnapping of a businessman Galstyan, who demanded money and property, and the other the beating of Kommersant Manahova and extortion at it the large sums. Pies, recall, left Russia in the middle of last year.

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