In Russia spoke about the threat the symptoms of vaccination against coronavirus

Created nits of Gamaliel and the Ministry of defense is the vaccine for coronavirus is already in the active phase of tests, during which you need to pay attention to a number of symptoms.

Head of laboratory, vaccine Institute of vaccines and sera. I. I. Mechnikova of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences Mikhail Kostinov said that one of the dangerous symptoms when vaccination is excessively increased temperature.

According to him, strong reactions to any medication must occur, the maximum, in one case out of thousands. In particular, the temperature in the most vaccinated should not rise above 38.5 degrees (the average normal reaction).

on radio Sputnik doctor of medical Sciences said that the temperature above 38.6 degrees indicates a strong reaction, as the diameter of redness at the injection site greater than eight inches.

it is Noted that the temperature and reaction of the skin should not last more than two days.

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