In Smolny told how the exam will be held in St. Petersburg

In the Smolny refused from the idea to open new places of holding the exam in the Northern capital, but security measures will be strengthened. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, said the head of General education Department of the education Committee Anna Grabska.

According to her, the exams you plan to take 27 thousand graduates of the city, of which 24.5 thousand are going to enter higher education.

“Opens at 167 points of examinations. We did not have to increase their number, because it has been decided that the most massive exam on the Russian language will be held in two days. Furthermore, there were basic math. Children who are prepared and prepared to take specialised mathematics, also put in all our points,” said Grubka.

She added that all educational institutions are ready for the exam. Graduates expect the disinfection of hands and checking the temperature. At their request they will be given personal protective equipment. For organizers, by contrast, masks and gloves — a requirement. The list of the most popular exams 2020 included mathematics, Russian language, social studies, physics and English.

date of exam adjusted due to pandemic coronavirus. The main stage will be held from 3 to 23 July. Backup days installed on the end of the month and early August.

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