In St. Petersburg, 40 minutes had almost half of the monthly norm of precipitation

40 minutes in St. Petersburg had almost half of the monthly norm of precipitation, according to the message a press-services of administration of the Governor. “Today in St. Petersburg and suburbs, it was raining with high intensity. During a rainstorm, for 40 minutes in the southern parts of the city had almost half of the monthly norm of precipitation more than 30 mm on average in July is 80 mm”, — stated in the message. It is noted that flooding occurred at Pulkovo highway near the interchange with the ring road, where the water quickly averted, and at the intersection of Parachute and Repischeva, where he started working pumping station. Total received 109 applications for flooding, they eliminate the 53 brigade. According to the information of the fgbi “North-West Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring”, the highest intensity rainfall was recorded in the Moscow district of the city. There 25,43 mm fell in 20 minutes. In the Kolpino district of the intensity was mm 20,14 20 minutes. Also exceeding the estimated parameters precipitation in Shushary — 14,86 mm. the sewage System of the city is designed with maximum rain intensity 7.2 mm in 20 min. we will Remind that the rain started in St. Petersburg after 13:00, storm warning announced before 19:00. Motorists asked to be careful and to avoid the low areas of the road under bridges and overpasses, where the probability of flooding is greatest. Forecasters warned that the same weather expects the city and the environment. Night and day possible heavy rains with thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 20 m/s.