In St. Petersburg has expanded the list of companies that receive tax breaks

the St. Petersburg deputies passed the law on taxes and fees, which expanded the list of entities claiming tax incentives in the form of lower rates and the abolition of advance payments. New support measures discussed at the Mariinsky Palace on June 3.

So, the affected industries have recognized air and road transport, airports, health services (dental) and social services retail trade non-food products, manufacturing and enterprises engaged in research and development work.

For them to be reduced rates of tax under the simplified system of taxation to 3% in respect of income and up to 5% in respect of income, reduced by size of expenses. With regard to advance payments of taxes on property, land and transport taxes, will be granted an extension — that is, in 2021, companies will have to pay twice. This fact angered the parliamentarians.

“That is, entrepreneurs will receive double the tax burden next year? Why not just let them not pay for the downtime period for the months when the city does not allow them to work?” — was indignant the Deputy Boris Vishnevsky.

Eduard Batanov said laconically that the city “cannot pretend that the 2020 was not.”

Deputies also surprised that no support is not shopping malls and private landlords. Batanov explained that the city “cannot take on market risks”, and landlords should understand what you have to do discount renting organizations during a pandemic. But for shopping centres, according to Vice-Governor, there are banks that during a pandemic, was not injured.

Deputy Denis Chetyrbok noticed that overall, in comparison with Moscow, Leningrad region and other regions of the Russian Federation actions in St. Petersburg look quite pale, and a list of support measures we need to further expand.

Irina Ivanova once again drewthe attention of the Vice-Governor at the issue from the Fund of assistance to crediting of small and average business where owners require surety. “They are very weird, no one can get help. Then what is the Fund different from a regular Bank?” — said Ivanov.

Batanov said that the Fund is “not a machine for the distribution of money” and behaves to secure the repayment of the funds.

the Bill adopted in the first reading, the ability to submit amendments in Parliament before Friday evening.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the second reading of revised budget money for housing programs has decided not to allocate.

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