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In the Altai region of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” updated public territory in the villages

In the Altai region of the national project

In the Altai region, the active work in the framework of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”.

last year in the village of Shipunovo landscaped local Park of culture, near the multifunctional cultural center of the Shipunovsky region. Installed in the territory of small architectural forms, laid tiles and organized the dance floor. The plans to make here wedding area and alley of lovers, as well as to build a covered ice hockey rink to be used year-round. The project of this Park was included by the Ministry of construction of Russia in the Federal register of best practices implemented in 2019 under the national project “Housing and the urban environment”.

In 2020 to update the selected pedestrian zone, which leads to several social and educational institutions of the village. Contractors have already replaced the 1200 metres of coverage to a new, currently putting in new lighting poles, install eight zones of rest with lanterns, urns and benches. The cost of works will amount to 4.5 million rubles, the funds allocated from budgets of all levels.

“there’s almost no sidewalk next to the roadway and no fence. The place is crowded, the children go to school, mothers with strollers walking, now walk here safely and comfortably,” says local resident Vladimir Gorshkov.

According to the chief of the regional programs Department of the Ministry of construction of Altai Krai Olga Glushkova, quality improvement in Shipunovo remains high and today the work is carried out in accordance with the schedule and under the supervision of the district administration. “Overall, we plan to end 2024 to cover all the districts of the municipalities to such an interesting and functional facilities in rural areas became more,” she said.

Just plan 2020 envisages the improvement of more than 300 public and yard areas in 42 municipalities of the Altai territory. Work is being conducted at 215 sites.

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