In the CBD have brought the case to lawyers who complained about police brutality

In Kabardino-Balkaria against two lawyers of the Bar Association of the Republic instituted criminal proceedings on domestic violence to the police. While earlier police violence complained of by lawyers.

according to the RF IC, the cases brought against the advocates of Jilkova and Diana Zipunovo. According to investigators, the evening of may 20, police officers from the URVAN district of conducted operative-investigative activities for developing information on illegal gambling in Nartkala. An employee of this establishment refused to let police into the room and called the lawyer Ratmir Iacovou. That, as stated in the RF IC began roughly talking to police and even, according to the report of the investigators, suggested one of them take off the uniform and fight, and then hit his forehead in the head and pushed.

Jilkova was detained and drew up protocols on administrative offense under article 20.6.1 of the administrative code (violation of the rules of conduct in emergency situations and the threat of its occurrence) and article 19.3 of the administrative code (disobedience to lawful demands of police) and also was a report on the use of physical violence against a law enforcement officer.

after an hour in the police Department came two lawyer of lawyer chamber of the CBD, but didn’t let them: they had no bar order, as well as masks and gloves. That night, the two lawyers joined by attorney Diana Tsipinov. Using the fact that one of the employees left the building and closed the door behind him, the lawyers, the three of us went inside, where access was blocked by the police officer in charge, closed before them the hallway. Published by the noise of the chief of the police demanded from the lawyers to leave the building and after the failure of advocates pushed out the door. “The lawyer Zipunova, once outside, made repeated attempts, pushing police, to break into the building. The police officer who tried to prevent her, the lawyer struck a hand in the face and then leg in the groin area. After that, in order to stop its aggressive actions, she was arrested and she was placed in handcuffs”, — stated in the message of the RF IC. The investigators are going to petition about their arrest.

meanwhile, as reported yesterday, the newspaper “Kommersant”, the lawyers themselves consider themselves victims. Three attorneys filed a gross violation of their rights by the police: they said that that night they were not admitted to their detained colleague police officers roughly, with force, pushed them. Later one of the lawyers had also been detained and held overnight in the Department — according to her, the police threatened sexual violence.

the Lawyers asked for help in the Commission on the protection of the rights lawyers, the Federal chamber of lawyers of Russia. They came to the conclusion that Ratmir of Gilocav was detained “in violation of the act subjects”. In addition, “lawyers, invited his relatives were not admitted to his client,” and the attitude of defenders of police officers committed “illegal acts of a violent nature, causing harm”, in their address “threats were made and were subjected to psychological pressure.” The incident, the Commission has considered a gross violation of professional rights of lawyers and the requirements of the law, and the actions of the police “is not only invalid, but also require a principled assessment of the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs”.

Based on the findings of the Commission, the President of the FCA Yury Pilipenko sent a letter to Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev. In turn, the chamber of advocates of the CBD appealed to the Prosecutor of CBI, Ministry of internal Affairs on KBR, the KBR Ministry of justice and the public chamber of KBR.

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