In the Internet appeared the footage, made shortly before the brutal murder of the bride in Moscow

the Network has published a video with surveillance cameras installed in the entrance of the house in the center of Moscow, where brutally murdered a young Muscovite.

the footage captures the moment just before killing the girl, whose body would later find her mother of the groom. The crime occurred a few days before the wedding.

As reported by “MK” referring to Telegram-channel Lifeshot, the video clip shows how upset Marina and her fiancé Alexander approach the entrance. In a man hits the bride on the head, and then they come into the entrance.

Earlier today it was reported that the girl’s body with numerous bruises and bruises was found in an apartment home in Kolpachny pereulok her mother-in-law.

currently, suspected of the brutal murder of a girl two weeks before the wedding. Man the police are looking for.

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