In the list of candidates in presidents of Belarus have left five people, including Lukashenka.

the Central election Commission of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko registered as an official presidential candidate.

candidates were Anna Konopacka, Andrei Dmitriev, Sergei and Svetlana Ceresna Tikhanovski. And the decision thereon, the CEC adopted unanimously, according to TUT.BY.

registration was denied Victor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo, who were called the main competitors of the incumbent. The staffs of both politicians already declared that will appeal against this decision in court.

In all likelihood, now figure around which to coalesce the protest electorate, will become the wife of a prominent blogger Svetlana Tikhanovski. Sergei tikhanovski, who failed to register his initiative group for the presidential nomination, is still under arrest.

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