In the Urals, two Schoolgirls brutally tortured a dove

In Krasnoturinsk in Sverdlovsk region two Schoolgirls brutally mocked the dove, removing their actions on video.

According E1.RU the incident occurred in front of TC “Capital”. According to an eyewitness, girls first lure of a dove, and then caught and began to torture: pulled alive from the birds feathers and hit her on the bench.

the interior Ministry newspaper “Evening Krasnoturyinsk” reported that the police identified the girls and began checking. Schoolgirls came in from Krasnoturinsk Serov.

the Children’s Ombudsman in the region Igor MOROKOV told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that in this situation, you should understand: “we Need to understand the causes and conditions of why it happened. Try to influence this cause and to get out of this situation.”

According to Morokova, adolescents often reduced level of empathy, and should be held with girls educational conversation.

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