In Tomsk the headquarters of the Bulk found a

a Secret recording device was accidentally discovered in the headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Tomsk.

Coordinator Ksenia Fadeeva said in Facebook that “bug” was accidentally unstuck, fell and was found under the battery.

According to her, the device resembles a flash card from the camera, however, turned out to be more intricate.

“I Came today my colleague Andrey Fateev in the headquarters, looking around the battery is some thing. Similar to the card reader for the flash from the camera. Picked it up, and it’s not a reader at all, and voice recorder, dictaphones, therefore,” wrote Fadeev.

members of Staff wrote the application in police with the requirement to Institute criminal proceedings, as they were listening to during the day.

At the same time Fadeyev expressed his confidence that “bug” established “comrade with a cool head”, but “trembling hands”, noting that “with such defenders of the regime will not last long”.

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