In Ukraine

Despite the fact that the law on “decommunisation”, under which should be all the dismantled monuments to Soviet state and party leaders, operating in Ukraine since 2015, in Poltava, Kyiv and Odessa regions still remain “prohibited” monuments.

In the village of Vlasovka in the territory of the sanatorium “hiding” the last Vladimiro monument to Ulyanov-Lenin. Correspondents of TV channel “1 + 1” failed to see it firsthand because they were not allowed in the sanatorium, under the pretext of quarantine. In the village to the clubhouse has been preserved and the Soviet coat of arms.

In the village of novoselivka survived monument of the “unknown who” — as village head called stone statue of the former President of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Grigory Petrovsky, whose name not so long ago had ceased to be one of the largest cities of Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk.

In Lubny five years ago, the activists, having failed to knock down a monument to Vasily Chapayev, it was repainted. However, local residents saved it, considering monument of local importance, refusing to transfer to the newly established Museum of the totalitarian regime.

During the de-communization of Ukraine eliminated 2,400 monuments, over 1300 depicted Vladimir Lenin.

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