In Washington was thinking about locking TikTok

The American authorities are seriously discussing the possibility of the lock on the territory of the country of application TikTok. This was stated in an interview with Fox News U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, answering the question, follow the example States authorities of India and Australia, which have already announced the need to close the Chinese app. Pompeo did not exclude such development of events, urging citizens to exercise caution when using TikTok to personal information “does not fall into the hands of the Chinese Communists”. According to Reuters, TikTok has decided to terminate operation of an application in Hong Kong. The Agency said that the reason for this decision was the entry into force of the Chinese Parliament adopted the law on national security. In particular, it provides for life imprisonment for the bombing of power, separatism, committing a terrorist act and conspiring with foreign forces threatening the national security of China. To implement the law in Hong Kong will be formed representative bodies of the PRC. Earlier, the US President, Donald trump has signed a decree to regulate the use of social media. This decree with the online platforms may be withdrawn protection from claims for editing content. According to the American leader, control “a large circle” a small number of corporations is “unprecedented” for the United States. Previously the social network Twitter has outlined one of the messages trump for verification of facts. In response he threatened to strictly regulate or even close social networks.

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