Income Beglov has reduced by half, and his wife doubled

the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov has earned 3 million 861 thousand rubles in 2019. Data on income, expenses and property of the mayor published on the website of Smolny.

compared to 2018 Beglov was earning half as much — previously his income was 6 million 131 thousand RUB from of the property the Governor has not changed: he owns two plots of land total area — 1,5 thousand sq. m, the second at 1.6 million he Also owns an apartment of 150 sq. m and half destroyed houses. And use Beglov remains apartment 106 sq. m and small plot of land.

At the same time the wife of the Governor last year to earn two times more — 10 million 158 thousand RUB compared to 4 million 447 thousand in 2018. But the property of it remains the same: four apartments, a house, land plots with a total area of 2.93 sq. m, a garage and a Mercedes-Benz E300.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that Smolny has announced the city’s austerity measures in a pandemic.