Inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk region have demanded the resignation of the Governor after the incident in Norilsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin should fire the head of the Krasnoyarsk territory Alexander USS. This is stated in the online petition.

the inhabitants of the region believe that the Manager “did not justify their trust”.

USS is criticized for “economically viable” and putting out forest, and continues to suffocate from industrial emissions Krasnoyarsk (and other cities of the region), and an ecological disaster in Norilsk”. Instead of solving problems and development of the region and Us is easier to say “the right to swing want?” or to provide “beautiful reports “up”, say the locals.

When Alexander USS in the region “is rapidly dying” business, the wallets of ordinary people “lose weight,” said the petition. Economic difficulties “compounded” “no obvious extensions “of self-isolation,” say the residents.

In conclusion, they emphasize that “want to change”.

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