the Fifth wife of the actor Mikhail Yefremov, the 49-year-old Sophia Kruglikova began to look for part-time work after the conclusion of her husband under house arrest on charges of “drunken” accidents.

As reported KP.RU citing friends of the family, Ephraim, previously offered to his wife not to work, and to educate their three children. However, Kruglikova want to work.

the Publication said that the wife of Ephraim teaches sound design, sound recording and other related subjects at the Institute of contemporary art, and also has a clock in gnesinka. “But, of course, a lot of earns. Records stars at the Studio, takes a sound producer of Moscow,” — told friends of the family.

Accident involving Ephraim occurred on June 8 at the house 3, Smolenskaya square. The actor in the jeep crossed the double line and crashed into a van Sergei Zakharov, who later died in hospital.

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