Investigators DNA tracked down a man accused of serial sexual abuse in St. Petersburg

the staff of the Investigative Committee reported about the detention of Sergei Hafner accused of serial sexual abuse. The man acted on the territory of St. Petersburg, Vladimir and Samara areas.

From the materials of the case that he was involved in the rape of three victims, including minors. Only five episodes. The detainee was also accused of theft of property.

“as a result of the large volume of investigative actions and genetic examinations have received evidence of involvement in committing these crimes Sergei Hafner undergoing compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital for committing a robbery,” said the Agency.

Investigators will ask the court to conclude men in jail during the investigation.

At the beginning of June in St. Petersburg is detained the inhabitant of the Kirov district, for raping a nine-year-old stepdaughter. Reported it to the police the child’s mother. Prosecuted.

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