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Jeff Ross, the man who has the “style” Nirvana, is the inspiration grunge in Serbia

Established in Pancevo, a small town some twenty kilometres to the north-east of Belgrade, this artist, a 58-year-old is actively involved in the artistic life of the Serbian capital. The energy of this city of 1.7 million inhabitants reminds him of the 1990s in Seattle (United States), the birthplace of grunge, whose engine was Kurt Cobain and his group Nirvana. “I sense that there is something here, an energy. I want to be there to attend, cooperate, teach people how to do the screen printing, the art, the music, the noise,” says Jeff Ross at the AFP.

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“I have to learn, again and again,”

in his workshop In Pancevo, on the other bank of the Danube, he creates works that are for sale. He never gave up the technique in black and white to draw posters, as to the great time that he worked for Nirvana, to the beginnings of the group. Born in Germany, Ross grew up in the United States. “I’m in a new place and all I use is different. I have to learn, again and again, this is so that errors do occur and that new things are born,” says the artist. “This is what excites me”. He is said to have been attracted by the “slowness” of Pancevo, after having worked for four years in the “chaos” of Bangkok. He also enjoys his daily life in Serbian in which he observes “a certain spirit of improvisation”, which recalls the time when he listened to the “punk rock”.

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“the Whole created world with what he has on hand. My art this is it. I collect, I use whatever I find to make art, then Serbia, Belgrade, are perfect for this,” he said.

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