Journalist Pubic managed to vote for amendments to the Constitution, the CEC has called it a provocation

Journalist and host of “Rain” Paul Lobkov in the first day of voting on amendments to the Constitution could vote twice.

According to him, the first time he did it at the polling station № 141, and an hour later took part in electronic voting, which was registered on about a week ago.

According to Lobkov, he decided to check the reliability of the electronic voting system. “I checked it out, showed and told that actually it is not so,” said the journalist, reports “Rain”. Lobkov also added that in his place “could be a rogue, who could and still can arrange any kind of merry-go-round”.

In turn, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova called the approval of the people that they could vote twice, “provocations”, and a specially prepared “gifts”. For his part, Deputy Pamfilova Nikolay Bulaev, according to “Interfax”, promised to investigate why the station where the vote Lobkov, it is not deleted from the voter list and allowed to vote.

the Chairman of Moscow election Committee Yury Yermolov said that the participants of remote voting on amendments to the Constitution, tried to vote at regular polling will be taken into account only once. “Citizen Paul Lobkov have already voted electronically, his voice the online system taken into account,” he said.

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