Kadyrov is considered

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has supported fellow countrymen rioted in the French city of Dijon. He also disagreed with what the media called the incident “ethnic clash”. “Nationality should not also become a cause of quarrels and clarify the relationship,” he wrote in his Telegram channel. Kadyrov noted that local authorities are unable to resolve the situation with drug dealers, “and then the younger generation took matters into their own hands.” According to Kadyrov, the Chechens did the right thing. Recall that the unrest in the French city of Dijon began the night of 13 June, when a group of people wearing hoods attacked the hookah, which kept drug dealers of North African origin. The Chechens, armed with knives and bats, took revenge on the Arabs for battered teenagers from their communities. Local media reported dozens of casualties, the footage from the event was shown burned-out cars and a large number of police. As it became known, law enforcement authorities carried out the detention “of persons of the Chechen nationality”. The guards in the framework of a special operation called immigrants from the Russian Republic in connection with a mass brawl in Dijon, where the Chechens resisted francorum. According to media reports, the detained about 10 members of the Diaspora. The raids took place in the heart of Dijon.

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