Kamchatka dismissed the doctor who had criticized the regional Ministry of health

Kamchatka dismissed the medic, who had previously criticized the work of local health officials.

As the IA “Kam 24”, the decision in respect of the head of the Department of roentgenosurgical methods of diagnosis and treatment Regional vascular center Andrew Kubanova took the chief doctor of the regional hospital Andrey Kislyakov.

He was fired for absenteeism, but Andrey Kubanov said, which is located in Khabarovsk on family circumstances and the reasons for his absence from work was respectful, the management of the hospital known. Kubanov intends to return to his work on the court.

Andrey Kubanov have repeatedly criticized the work of the leadership of the regional hospital and regional Ministry of health. So, in December, he said that due to the lack of supplies, doctors are unable to help 71-year-old man with myocardial infarction and he died for a second operation, and in may he announced the disease coronavirus several employees of the regional hospital and the lack of personal protective equipment.

Kubanova tried to prosecute on Criminal charges. However, the court setup charges to patients during heart operations overdue stents and use of fake certificate of completion of training in the specialty “cardiovascular surgery” did not prevail, and the doctor was acquitted.

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