Kazakhstan Professor died after taking a

Professor Kuandyk Samakhiali died in the hospital Nur-Sultan, where he was treated for the coronavirus. This information was confirmed by his wife and the health of the capital of Kazakhstan, according to Sputnik Kazakhstan.

Before his death, the Professor wrote on his page in Facebook that he was given an unknown medicine “from the coronavirus”.

“are Treated for the coronavirus in the first chamber in the clinic. I slept at two in the morning came the doctor, and the doctor, was told to sign a paper. Then the nurse gave me medicine and water. Apart from me, no this medicine was given. I asked what it was. He said, will help against the virus. I hesitated, suspected of evil intent. Decided to drink three liters of water. Their actions are alarming,” wrote Samakhiali.

the Professor was in the hospital last week, doctors assured that the patient is on the mend.

the Widow of Kazakhstan Samakhiali who did not suffer from chronic illnesses, going through the law enforcement bodies find out circumstances of death of her husband.

As you know, the who has included Kazakhstan in the number of countries where there is an increased incidence COVID-19.

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