the Meeting “channel four” (Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia) in Berlin lasted 10 hours. It was a “thorough conversation on all aspects of the settlement of the conflict” in the Donbass, but it ended not a breakthrough, stated the representative of Moscow Dmitry Kozak.

“to Say that there is a breakthrough — would not dare”, — quotes the Deputy head of administration of the President of Russia “Interfax”.

Pritsvetniki of the Quartet, he said, agreed “to coordinate over the phone” final Memorandum which should be spelled out additional measures for a ceasefire in the conflict zone.

Kozak lamented the fact that the negotiators long sought “to understand the position of Ukraine”. In particular, Kiev has not given “a clear answer” as to when he will develop amendments to the Constitution that would have enshrined special status of Donbass.

the German edition Spiegel.de previously wrote that Russia would demand that Ukraine’s inclusion in the basic law, paragraph on the legal status of Donbass. Kiev was supposed to submit the project by July 6, but Kozak information about hard linked to that date is denied.

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