Krasnoyarsk student denied approval of the rally against low-quality distance learning

the Municipality of Krasnoyarsk refused to schoolboy Alexander Razin in the coordination of public actions of protest demanding to organize educational process at the appropriate level in the context of pandemic coronavirus.

a copy of the refusal he published in his Telegram channel. In its response, the Department of public safety refers to the decree of Governor Alexander USS, banning mass actions for the period of the pandemic. Razin considers the refusal illegal because of the orders of local authorities should not be above the constitutional right of Assembly. “I am the failure is not recognized and I have prepared the claim in court”, — said Shkolnik.

He believes that the organization of distance learning in the Krasnoyarsk region put “badly”. “Many parents who have so much income fell, lay still a need to provide children with everything necessary for distance learning. I believe that the Krasnoyarsk students are no worse than Moscow. Especially in such a rich region may not be the money for all anti-epidemic measures in schools, or at least on preparing schools for the really high-quality remote”, — stressed Alexander Razin.

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