Lama St. Petersburg datsan died at the age of 40 years

Buddhists of St. Petersburg and Russia were shocked by the untimely passing of lamas of the datsan gunzechoinei Losal gamso (Bair Balzhinimaev).

Teacher of Buddhist philosophy and a specialist in the creation of sacred sand mandalas died 17 July on 41-m to year of life.

visit the datsan in the social network “Vkontakte”, Bair will be buried in the homeland in Transbaikalia in compliance with all Buddhist ceremonies.

“Dear Lama Losal gamso (spiritual name) is a loving and beloved son, husband, father, brother, was a man of an open, sociable, cheerful, always ready to help. Parishioners remember his kind and wise words, so help in difficult life situations”, — stated in the message.

the Congregation expresses its sincere condolences to and not hide the fact that they were surprised by this news. In one of the comments the representative of the temple wrote that the cause of death of the Lama was a heart attack.

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