Lost their freedom rival Lukashenko urged to rewrite the Constitution

Locked in prison in “the case of Belgazprombank” the former head of this organization Victor Babariko called upon Belarusians to support the idea of a constitutional referendum.

presidential Candidate, who expects the election on August 9 to compete with Alexander Lukashenko, has issued a video message. It Babariko proposes to include in the Constitution a rule that the number of presidential terms should be limited. Voters, in his opinion, should Express their attitude to the amendment in the referendum. The offer of Babariko directed against Lukashenka, who, as is known, held office five times.

a Criminal case against Babariko, with whom before he was arrested and his son Edward, investigating KGB of Belarus. The banker says that is angry about his prosecution, and associates it with his political ambitions.

Meanwhile, the foreign Ministry claimed that the fault eks-the head of Belgazprombank say “concrete evidence” provided by the European States. “The tax evasion and money laundering are serious crimes for which in the EU are punished very seriously in any country,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs Vladimir Mackay.

According to the head of the Ministry, the Minsk will not allow anyone to break the law — “despite the passing of a political campaign”.

Note that today it became known about the failure of two rivals of Lukashenka to continue the campaign. With elections starred lideo of the movement “For freedom” Yury Hubarevich and rock musician Alexander Tabolich.

according Tut.by, Hubarevich has linked the decision with the fact that from the start of the election campaign”, the authorities began to act arrogantly, rudely and cruelly, and repression grew with each week.”

Tabolic did not rule out that he would support a nominee with “close to him and his colleagues stance on the preservation and protection of independence of Belarus, the preservation of traditions and national values”.

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