Lukashenko has

the head of the interior Ministry of Belarus Yury Karaeu took responsibility for the use of force in the days of protests against the recognition of Alexander Lukashenko the winner of the election.

the Chief militiaman of the country on air of ONT TV channel apologized for the injuries “from random people who got under the hand” of the security forces stopping “violations of public order”, reports

Yury Karaeu apologized to “random people trapped under the hand”.

— TUT.BY (@tutby) August 13, 2020

“Sometimes the force was applied to the wrong address,” admitted the head of Department.

he also said that the detainees on the coverage of the protests members of the media “themselves were substituted”, although he was “always against any violence against journalists.” “For you, of course, very important, as complete as possible, objectively assess the inside information. But this does not mean that you need to climb up between the two sides and the bases. Please be not so frivolous”, — he called the press, addressed to her “a huge request not to go into the Inferno.”

In turn, the head of the Council of the Republic of Natssobraniya (Senate) Natalia Kochanova said that President Lukashenko has “heard the opinion of labor groups and instructed to investigate all cases of detention”. The staff number of enterprises, and also representatives of creative professions today held a strike demanding an end to violence against civilians, and to review the results of the election or conduct a new one.

“We don’t need to fight. Do not want war”, — quotes the words of the Deputy of the upper house “Nasha Niva”.

People, including journalists, in the evening gradually began to release from places of detention, where many beating and humiliated. The stories of torture of detainees reacted Belarusian human rights defenders of the “Legal initiative”, who asked Karaev to stop the tyranny, writes “Interfax”. “People were beaten, held in overcrowded cells: 40-50 people in a cell designed only for 4-6 people, which makes it impossible to sleep at night, people do not have enough air and space,” the organization stated.

According Kochanova on the evening of Thursday, released more than 1 million people. They pledged not to participate in unsanctioned protest actions. Minor “handed over under receipt to the parents,” said the speaker of the Senate.

protesters In Minsk did not differ. Crowded on Pushkin square near the site of the death of a participant in the protests.

Minsk. It looked like a peaceful action of solidarity near the Pushkinskaya metro station.

Photo: Vadim Zamirouski,

— TUT.BY (@tutby) August 13, 2020

And the house in the Robin appeared the image of “the Chase”, the first emblem of independent Belarus.

Minsk, Malinovka. On the wall projected the emblem of “Pursuit”.

— TUT.BY (@tutby) August 13, 2020

Meanwhile, telegram-TV media, primarily Russian, started to bring “the message “Kommersant FM” that the press-Secretary of Lukashenko Natalia Eismont has been quoted as saying that the head of state is preparing an urgent appeal to the people.

According to “the Media. Belarus” is fake and the report is anonymous telegram-channel with 11 subscribers.