many Thousands March takes place in Brest, Belarus. As reported by Tut,by, the protesters blocked the Avenue Masherova.

a Huge column of people moving along the streets. Protesters chanting “Leave.” On arrests is not reported.

a large-Scale procession in Brest.

Tut,by writes that the protesters blocked the Avenue Masherova.
40 minutes ago.

Photo: radio Svaboda

➡ it’s amazing

— Novaya Gazeta (@novaya_gazeta) August 15, 2020

Photos and video from the event published by the witnesses and participants of the procession.

has Already passed Lenin Masherov, Moscow — Republic Ave — Suvorov — Volgograd — the October Revolution! Will be round on the #Brest Men — space! 🤍 ❤ This🤍 #giebelhaus

— Dmitry 🤍 ❤ this🤍 (@dimitrybrest) August 15, 2020

a Column of protesters came to the Administration of the Moscow district.

Column of Brest came to the Administration of the Moscow region and moved to Rowing

came to the Administration of the Moscow district, on the steps of BCHB unfurled a huge flag and went to the side of the boat channel along the Avenue of the Republic…

det #brest_by

— Virtual Brest (@VirtualBrest) August 15, 2020

Today in Brest is also passed the action of solidarity people came out to Express their disagreement with the actions of the security forces who brutally suppressed protests in the cities of Belarus and beat the protesters.

a solidarity Action today.🌹

— Evening Brest (@vbrest) August 15, 2020

Recall that the protests started in Belarus after the presidential elections on 9 August. According to the CEC, Lukashenko won with more than 80%. For him, this is the sixth time. Dissent with the outcome of the vote, the people take to the streets for the seventh consecutive day, protests were harshly suppressed by police until August 13.