Lukashenko ordered to

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting was instructed to find out the reasons why private companies have recently laid off employees.

“moreover, lay people off — those who didn’t give a signature for the so-called alternative candidates: you are there for Petrova, Sidorova didn’t sign — go away”, — quotes the words of the head of state’s official portal.

As he said, he had previously asked not to fire people because of the pandemic, but now factor “test of loyalty” was the election. “And, most importantly, have become arrogant and are not afraid: “Oh, you’re there for your Lukashenka, well, go outside!” What is this?” — outraged the President, saying he needed “these bourgeois bring to life”.

He has instructed a number of national agencies with the participation of local authorities “to go through those potbellied bourgeois”, forcing was responsible for the people, time paying salaries.

During the election of ampanihy in Belarus, the situation has worsened considerably. Every weekend in cities are the pickets for collection of signatures in support of opponents of the incumbent President, some activists while detained by the police for allegedly illegal actions.

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