Media: Belarus may publish the facts of interference in the internal Affairs

the Belarusian Authorities can publish the “facts of intervention of foreign States in the internal Affairs” in connection with the case of BGB, said the result “Belarus 1”.

According to TV channel, for the business of banking “is something more than just financial matters”. According to the moderator, “the case goes to the promulgation of a far more serious facts in a much more serious category. For example, upon intervention of a foreign state in Belarusian internal Affairs.”

Recall that in Belarus were searched in the BGB (BRSG), a recent head of which Victor Babariko involved in the presidential elections. Police detained 15 people, including senior representatives of the “daughter” of the Russian Gazprombank. According to BelTA, Babariko suspected of involvement in large scale evasion of Bank from taxes and legalization of illegal funds by transferring abroad.

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