Media: Russia has found a way to finish the construction

Gazprom is able to build the pipeline “Nord stream-2” in defiance of the US sanctions, writes Die Welt.

according to German newspaper, to complete the laying of pipes will help the ship “Akademik Chersky”. It operated “a daughter” “Gazprom” — “Gazprom FLOT”, and now became the property of the Samara thermal power asset Fund (STIF). With the help of the company will be able to finish the pipeline to avoid U.S. restrictions.

However, to slow down the construction can a ban on work in the Baltic sea in July—August when there spawning cod.

the United States imposed sanctions on the “Nord stream-2” in December 2019. After that, the project contractor Allseas, the Swiss stopped the laying of pipes. In June, Washington announced new sanctions that will affect all the vessels participating in the work on the project.

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