Media: Used mufflers and brakes is banned for the next use

In the countries of the Customs Union forbid to install in cars some kinds of used spare parts. According to “Kommersant”, such amendments will be made to the technical regulations of the Union, but because they can join in 2022.

In particular, since there are zaplesti that are considered to be critical for safety, e.g., airbags and seat belts, the components of the steering system and the brakes, silencers, anti-theft system and so on.

the authors of the amendments to motivate his proposal that it is often impossible to establish where pojavilas spare part, used, and meanwhile, it can be removed from car been in an accident and have hidden damage or simply to be on the stage of the so-called “fatigue” fracture. Because the safety of use of such spare parts set is often not possible, it was decided to ban it.

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