Medic: insurance organisations

Insurance organizations have a negative impact on the system of mandatory health insurance (MHI), said in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the Chairman of the St. Petersburg territorial Committee of trade Union of medical workers “Action” Maxim Kuzmin.

According to him, these companies have imposed in order to protect the interests of the insured, but in reality it turned out otherwise and they have long continued to “eat” the funding directed to health care.

“This transmission link, which was initially pulled from 20 to 30% of revenues. Now it seems to be smaller. But still it’s private office, through which for some reason miss the money,” Kuzmin said.

He added that in fact the task of the insurance companies began to penalize medical institutions for a certain amount through formal inspection and inspection of medical records.

“Their favourite topic — handwriting, unreadable numbers, letters, and other formalities. Experts there mostly unskilled, they will not be able to justify why the conditional incorrectly neurologist has treated the patient,” explained the source.

All this does not affect the growth of quality health care, decrease the infusion in health facilities, Kuzmin said.

Details about the shortcomings of the system OMS in Russia read in the near future in the article “Rosbalt”.

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