Merkel: Russia is waging a hybrid war and uses methods of destabilization

“Hybrid warfare and methods of destabilization” is a pattern of behavior on the part of Russia. This opinion was expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her quote DW and Die Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to Merkel, Russia is pursuing a “campaign of misinformation”. About this including evidenced by the recent bloody incident in Berlin when, in August of last year in the centre of the German capital, was shot by a Georgian citizen of Chechen origin Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, reminded Merkel. She added that German prosecutors filed against the Minister charged with the contract killing.

However, “the strategic influence of Russia is great in countries such as Syria and Libya that are in the vicinity of Europe,” Merkel acknowledged. According to her, “there are good reasons to continue a constructive dialogue with Russia” and seek cooperation.

Recall, khangoshvili was shot in the Berlin Tiergarten Park Small 23 Aug 2019. The alleged killer, a Russian citizen, was detained in Berlin on the same day. Khangoshvili in Russia was declared wanted on charges of terrorism.

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