Militants in Somalia attacked the hotel, injuring Ministers and celebrities (video)

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In the Somali capital, Mogadishu, militants attacked the hotel. According to preliminary data, killing more than 10 people, more than 30 were injured.

writes the Guardian Somali armed attackers blew up a car and started shooting at the hotel.

A VBIED was detonated in front of the popular Hotel known as “Hotel Elite” at Liido beach in Mogadishu. Following the explosion, armed gunmen stormed the building and there is currently a gunfight under way inside the hotel. I’ll update as details come in.

— Somali News Updates (@Somaliweyn_) August 16, 2020

it is Noted that among the victims of the attacks — the Director of regional Affairs of the Ministry of information Abdirisak Abdullahi Abdi. Among the injured are the Minister of public works Ahmad Washington, known Somali singer Faiza Bela and other celebrities.

security forces have destroyed two militants, the operation continues.