More than half of Russians do not believe that the cause of the riots in the United States only became racism

More than 50% of respondents Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) of Russians do not believe that the cause of mass protests and riots in the United States was very racist.

the Respondents suggested two answers. First: the main cause of riots in the United States was racial discrimination. Second — actually, the reasons lie elsewhere. The second option was chosen by 53% of respondents. That the reason for the riots was racism, said 29%, while 17% were undecided.

Recall that in the U.S. in late may began and are still ongoing protests and riots, the reason for which was the death of the African-American George Floyd during the arrest police who applied a rear naked choke. Protests under the slogan Black lives matter, but more often they result in looting and riots.

the Survey showed that most believe that blacks are rarely discriminated against, it was in the age groups from 18 to 30 years and 31 to 45 more than half (58%). Among Russians from 46 to 60 years, this opinion is shared by 37%, and only 31% in the group of Russians older than 60 years.

Among those who believe the cause of the riots something else, most of the respondents suggest that important political and election campaign (8%), and people’s discontent with authorities (7%). Also the answer was “unemployment”, “social inequality”, “permissiveness”, “features of character and behavior of Americans.”

43% of respondents said that the American police are with respect to both the white and African Americans. 37% believe otherwise: they believe that the police strictly belong to the African Americans. However, 35% believe that American police properly responds to the actions of the protesters, 29% think it is too soft, 12% — too hard.

the Survey was conducted 19-21 of June among 1 thousand respondents over 18 years through telephone interviews and pUCEM door-to-door surveys. Statorseite does not exceed 3,8%.

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