Moscow authorities have reported an increase in mortality in June

Index of deaths in 2020 exceeded the average in this month for the last three years 3 687 cases. This is stated in the message of capital Department of public health. It specified that as the main or concomitant cause of death the coronavirus was noted in 3 cases 408 (92% of all excess mortality in June), but less than in may, 35%. The main cause of death COVID-19 began in 1605 cases, while in may, such cases were almost twice as much — 2757. Even 1803 in June died from other causes, but had tested positive for the coronavirus. The Department added that COVID-19 had a significant influence on the development of the underlying disease and its deadly complications in 784 cases. Mortality rate from coronavirus during the whole period of the epidemic was 2.3% (considering only cases where it was the main cause) and 4.6% (considering all cases where COVID-19 acted as a primary or concomitant disease). Only in the capital in June was 13 thousand 128 death in June 2019 in Moscow, died 9 thousand 268 people. The average for the last three years in Moscow in June died 9441 people.

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