MPs were told where to get the money for the resettlement of communal apartments in St. Petersburg

members of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg told where to get the funds for the resettlement of communal apartments and the program “Youth affordable housing”. As reported in the press service of the faction “Party of Growth” is necessary to reduce the number of inefficient budget items amounting to about 25 billion rubles.

the Parliamentarians believe that it is necessary to reduce the allocation on the Eastern high-speed radius, tram concession “Cat”. They also believe that it is necessary to refuse from financing sue “Food Fund” a number of articles, “and “peace” was questionable from the point of view of expediency of their funding, and now, of course, be reduced”.

“for Example, the costs of organizing the St. Petersburg Partneriat small and medium business, the cost of maintaining the state institution “the Center of assistance to development of institutes of civil society” — 35 million, reduced only 5 million while the Expenditure on creation of conditions for social harmony (the government has proposed a reduction of 100 million, but you can get another 90 mln), expenses on education of civic consciousness and patriotism among young people (the government has reduced by 2 million, you can remove the whole article — 44 million). And such articles as would be invisible and not very expensive, completely ineffective, but the amount of eating rather large funds in the budget lot”, — said the Deputy Oksana Dmitrieva.

At the same time, the MPs propose to save and restore the full program resettlement of communal apartments, the provision of affordable housing for young people, subsidies for capital repairs.

Earlier proposals for a reduction in the number of articles of the budget, which allowed to find the funds to help citizens, were Boris Vishnevsky.

we will Remind, in St. Petersburg passed in the first reading bill on adjustment of the city budget. The new income of the budget of Petersburg for the year 2020 will decrease by 15% (101,8 billion rubles) and expenditures of 6.9% (50,6 billion roubles). A major role in the reduction of revenues was played by the fall in tax and non-tax revenues — reduction amounted to 107 billion roubles.

in addition, the reserve Fund of the city magnified 30 times to 31 billion rubles.

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